Marketing Strategy:

    • Create a comprehensive marketing Plan.
    • Building a Business Driven Marketing Strategy.
    • PESTEL analysis and situational Analysis.
    • Marketing Pillars Analysis (Segment / Brand / Positioning).
    • Boston BGM Analysis.
    • SWOT Analysis.
    • Analysing Marketing opportunities.


Marketing Management

    • Identifying and Analysing your Marketing Mix.
    • Analysing Consumer markets.
    • Identifying and analysing competitors.
    • Creating customer Value, Satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Creating and managing brands and brand equity.
    • Designing g, developing and managing market offerings.
    • Developing and managing pricing strategies.


    Marketing Communications:

    • Product Mix Evaluation – USPs’
    • BTL / ATL / TTL Pulse Check
    • IMC Marketing Calendar.
    • Marketing communications: strategies, tactics and planning.
    • Sales promotion: principles and techniques.